1. Truck / Asset Tracking
    Truck / Asset Tracking
    RTLS has installed tracking solutions in several distribution centres where there is a need to verify the number of active roll cages for daily usage. RTLS can monitor the delivery schedule and verify delivery time and location. A significant advantage of asset visibility is the recovery of returnable transport items and theft prevention.
  2. Wireless OEE
    Wireless OEE
    RTLS specialises in the design of wireless monitoring systems to meet the robust requirements of industrial systems RTLS has developed a direct machine interface (DMI) and operational equipment efficiency (OEE) system which communicates bi-directionally with STRAQ to provide shop floor data and production information. The RTLS OEE system gathers information from wireless sensors installed on the machine. OEE hosted systems can be installed to automate collection of data from the machines. Interfaces to existing 3rd party systems can be used to import data into the STRAQ platform from existing production scheduling or machine drive systems or to export data from the STRAQ platform to an existing accounting or management system.
  3. Reusable Cores / Refurbishment
    Reusable Cores / Refurbishment
    The ability of paper producers and printers to reduce waste and create a long term sustainable benefit has long been the holy grail of a circular economy. Our service offering covers the supply of reusable cores for use in the finishing operation of a paper producer, and creates a more stable entity during processing. This process is a credible alternative to the traditional paradigm of manufacture, consumption and waste disposal. RTLS offers a complete package ‘collection from pressroom, removal of core waste, testing, refurbishment, validation of the core unit and redelivery to the processing plant’. RTLS cores are engineered with precise dimensions and a superior outer finish to improve material winding and profile resulting in reduced waste and enhanced production and conversion efficiencies. A fixed rental model helps reduce costs with a controlled budgeting plan removing the variability of demand from the monthly costs. Tagged and tracked cores are available which can be integrated into the RTLS machine monitoring system to improve production and the quality and accuracy of the daily reports. These RTLS products reduce the overall carbon footprint for our partners by removing the need for ‘one trip disposable’ products that are environmentally expensive. Products and options are available in plastic and aluminium with bespoke charging systems tailored to each client that are built around the customer and their individual needs.
  1. Water Monitoring
    Water Monitoring
    RTLS has developed a water monitoring system for use in hotels, hospitals and care homes to alert if the temperature of any single tap within the building drops below a certain temperature. Historical real time data can be viewed showing the temperature of individual taps over time. This information can be used to ensure all rooms are getting hot water at the required temperature and alert if this drops in certain rooms, floors or at certain times of the day. Temperatures of the taps and temperature, conductivity and pH values of water in a tank are monitored using RTLS proprietary wireless sensors and remote monitoring software. The system is also used to ensure water tank and tap temperatures remain within health guidelines to prevent risk of Legionnaires' disease.