meet the team

My strong, deeply held, conviction is that the ultimate success
of a business is down to one thing and one thing only.

Success is a direct reflection of the commitment, professionalism
and talent of every single person who works within it.

Jeremy Mogford – Chairman
  1. Peter Milton
    Peter worked originally as an organic chemist with Unilever before setting up a free newspaper group in Kent. His interest in monitoring systems led to RTLS which today focuses upon the seamless operation of wireless sensors, computer processing with hosted servers and real time remote reporting and mobile apps on all devices. Companies can now manage every aspect of business from end to end - around the clock and within a global environment. The RTLS team team can now deliver all the necessary components needed to develop the ‘Industrial Internet Of Things’.
  2. Martin Simpson
    Martin joined RTLS in 2013 as a Business Development Manager. He was formerly at The Coca-Cola Company where he had served for 27 years in a number of roles including Senior Operations Manager for the Middle East where he lived in Bahrain for a period of time. He gained excellent Planning and Operational Skills as well as Customer Relations which are being used today at RTLS with our current clients. Martin works extensively on developing Telemetry systems.
  3. Dr Paul Delooze
    Paul joined RTLS in September 2005 to focus on R&D into Active RFID devices for asset tracking, wireless sensors and retail, delivering a proprietary patented ultra-low power ISM band system in 2007. The first Active RFID solution was for tracking and tracing of Al cores for the paper industry with further applications included vehicle and trailer tracking within logistics and enabling vehicle asset reading and delivery allocation using the propriety technology and mobile Active RFID readers. Paul’s current focus as RFID Technical Manager is on incorporating ultra-low power methods of achieving extended read ranges, location granularity and energy harvesting using emerging standards and technology, through interval developments and collaboration.
  4. Chris Mortimer
    Chris joined RTLS in 2014 as is responsible for software and hardware development in support of the company’s patented wireless sensoring technology. He was steered towards a career in electronics and software by his course lecturer. After college he worked at a software and web development company before joining RTLS. His current interests include designing and building custom PC’s, 3D Modelling, 3D printing and Electronics design.
  5. Andy Hodges
    Andrew is Engineering Manager at RTLS having joined the company as an Engineering Technician in 2010. He previously qualified as an electrician before becoming a director of his own electrical company with a small team of employees. After gaining experience he migrated to building management systems later within the Agricultural Industry. During this time he gained a knowledge and passion for machinery and engineering. He used this opportunity to develop a practical approach to problem solving which he now uses daily within his role at RTLS.
  6. Justin Farr
    Justin joined RTLS in 1993 as a System Technician not long after the company was founded. He progressed through the ranks becoming Technical Director in 1996 and later Chief Technology Director (Operations). He built the STRAQ software platform which is used for most projects within the business. Justin now focuses upon a project management role for Hosted Software to ensure the STRAQ platform is developed on time and meets client expectations along the way.
  7. Terry Parry
    Terry Parry is an experienced paper industry professional with nearly 40 years technical and marketing knowledge. He held various roles with leading paper manufacturers including Director of Technical Services and Development, Customer Services Development and later Director of Marketing. He joined UPM's Sales Company in 1999 as Technical Director and Head of Technical Sales for the Newspaper Publisher Segment from 2009 until retirement in June 2016. His role at RTLS is within Business Development and is based at Chester and North Wales.
  8. Paul Mottershead
    Paul resides in Northwest of England and following a 4 year apprenticeship, qualified in mechanical engineering. He left engineering to work in the family haulage business where he worked for 23 years, the last 11 years running his own business with several employees. After having sold the business in 2004 he joined RTLS managing the re-usable core operations in Haydock and then Dundee upon relocation of the core operation. Paul spends the majority of his time at customer sites, installing monitoring equipment and RFID systems.
  9. Julian Streeter
    Julian is an experienced operator within the Retail and Distribution sectors. After leaving University he joined J Sainsbury’s as a Retail Management trainee, before moving to Safeway and onto Dairy Farm of Hong Kong or four years. Julian later joined the Pharmaceutical Wholesaler UniChem Ltd (now Alliance Healthcare) as Operations Director. More recently he joined Palmer & Harvey McLane Ltd (P&H) as Operations Director and was part of the team that completed the MBO in 2008. His role was to ensure the successful delivery of goods and services to its diverse customer base, as well as his strategic role as a Board Member. Julian joined RTLS to help develop the business
  10. Rod Swan
    Rod started his career as an apprentice with GPO Telephones before progressing into private industry. He was one of the first recipients of a B.A Degree from the Open University. His interest in electronics led to a career in computers during which he created industry firsts for programs for the digital simulation and testing of circuits boards which were developed further by Silicon Valley, CA. for Large Scale Integrated Circuits. Rod started his own company in 1989 to supply a SCADA program to Mitsubishi Electric which they then marketed worldwide as their primary Man/Machine interface for their industrial controllers. Rod joined forces with RTLS in 1993 working in business and systems development.
  11. Richard Starkey
    Richard is a commercially and strategically minded, senior business leader with a known pedigree for delivering value via developing, managing and continually improving new business areas and multi-disciplinary teams. His focus has been across a variety of different technology areas in a variety of market segments. Richard has extensive experience of major business change (company sale, merger, acquisition and transformation). He was educated at Loughborough University and employed by BP, National Grid and Arqiva before setting up Caparra Technologies. He joined RTLS in 2017 to take IoT from a great idea to reality for our customers.
  12. Frans Brouwer
    Frans started his career in mid 1970s as a wholesaler and importer in textiles in the Benelux Countries and later focused upon export for a Dutch company ID Systems. He started his own company mid-1990s working with the US company Checkpoint Security in France and later started up a subsidiary for the Dutch company Nedap in France. Frans has more than 20 yrs. experience within the Electronic Article Surveillance Industry including production, marketing and sales of EAS products. He is a natural entrepreneur who strongly identifies, develops and explores market opportunities with the knowledge and experience of the key areas of international business and sales management. His role within RTLS is Business Development with emphasis upon new markets in Europe.