RTLS values the voice of the customer and welcomes testimonials as a 
critical and important contribution towards our product and service offering.

An active and creative dialogue is an essential part in the 
development of a successful business relationship.

Peter Milton – Managing Director
  1. RTLS makes sure that we as a paper mill can deliver on time. They are a part of making a contribution to the environment by continuously handle and deliver clean cores. They make sure that we can stay competitive by obtaining a steady flow of rolls.
    Technical Customer Service Manager – Stora Enso Paper
  2. RTLS are a supplier of choice for Amcor Flexibles Cumbria. Their customer service levels are impeccable, nothing is too much trouble. The innovative solutions they supply never fail to delight, spark enthusiasm, and deliver tangible results; all of which lead to a business that continually improves and drives for excellence.
    Operations Manager – PepsiCo, Amcor Flexibles Cumbria
  3. We’ve been working with RTLS since 2007 and have found the data they are able to capture from our machines to be extremely useful. It has allowed us to identify reason for downtime, and on some ageing bindery equipment we’ve been able to improve performance against estimate by up to 20%. The system removes the need for operators to fill in manual timesheets and the data feeds back automatically into our MIS allowing us to quickly access all relevant pieces of information. It links seamlessly with the schedule so the operators on the machines can see the next job and prepare it even before the supervisor has told them.
    Commercial Director – Cambrian Printers
  4. Running 364 days per year we cannot afford downtime. Having a bespoke system means ongoing support and knowledge are paramount in to run hardware and software with Real Time Logistics Solutions. From Y2K (remember that!) through to today, support has always been there. Thanks.
    Operations Director – Belfast Telegraph
  5. RTLS is a forward thinking company with innovative ideas and pragmatic solutions. The development of reusable cores in the newspaper industry is well established, due in no small part to the long term contribution and commitment from RTLS. Technology responded to the need for a stable core operating at high speeds with efficiency and reliability for which RTLS played a very significant role in its development.
    Technical Sales - UPM-Kymmene Ltd
  6. I have worked with RTLS since 2003 on a number of projects including the implementation of Aluminium cores user in the newspaper production industry. In this project and others I have always been highly impressed with their team’s imagination and ability to take ideas from the concept to full impletemention of business changing solutions. Through their determination and never-give-up attitude they have changed the industry’s attitude to reel cores and recycling.
    Senior Operations Manager – Newsprinters
  7. RTLS have worked as our Quality System management company since 2013, from inception to go-live. I find them easy to work with, and they deliver on time, every time.
    Senior Customer Manager – Coca-Cola Great Britain